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Shin Yuurei

My daughter is and has always been "our baby" in our hearts. No matter how old, she is courteous, cute, sweet and an independent little girl. As parents we supported her all the way through her education and brought her up well, to be a helpful and filial (dutiful and helpful) woman, to the current age of 38, she is very talented and creative with her explorations into music, clay and art. She is a bubbly little girl helping and supporting the family, after her education at the age of 19.
She's not a demanding person, money to her is not everything, she would give us her savings to contribute to the whole family in time of needs, life is like a roller coaster eg. when we were facing SARS and H1N1.

Shin Yuurei has many talents singing, dancing, piano, clay and art, also multiple language skills.
Singing for corporate events, charity and teaching children everything she has learned like dancing, piano, clay and art lessons. She is a dedicated teacher, teaching children and adults since 2002.

Together with the family, we formed Play Creation. Our little family business.
Shin loves children and is always happy teaching them for about 20 years now. Until in 2018, when she was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism, her condition worsened in 2019 due to stress and harassment from relatives and their friends who are jealous of her independent, ability, talent and skill. The harassment on the internet caused her to seek doctors and medications, she was unable to help the family to bring in the income.

In December of 2019, the whole World was facing the coronavirus pandemic.
Singapore was infected by the Covid virus on 23 Jan 2020, and Circuit Breaker (this was what the plan was called to lockdown my city) was put in place, restricting movement, activity and social gathering, we have to stop all art and clay workshops for children and adults, our online businesses also suffered. The family had to tighten the belt and we continued to support, as much as we can my daughter, Shin.
Shin's condition turned to the worst, she could not breath properly, hands and legs were swollen, Shin was admitted to Singapore Changi General Hospital on 1 June 2020, suffering from a Hyperthyroid storm.

In the hospital, she suffered three cardiac arrests. Thanks to the doctors and specialists in the hospital, they managed to save her life. Her lungs were filled with water and her heart had over worked. We are glad and very happy to have our precious girl back.
Her hospital bills were piling up after she was discharged from the hospital. From 1 June 2020 till now, every month, Doctor's appointments and medications, the hospital bills amounted to $26,881.44, she needs medication for life, the bills currently exceeded $33,000. She had depleted all her medisave funds. Hospital bills eventually was reduced to balance of $9830.10 plus the current medications and appointments of $6000 amounted to $15,830.10.
Medisave is the program for my country it is the amount you are allowed to spend for the year.
It does not really include people with diseases like this.
It mostly for healthy people. Any medical extremes is up to the person to pay off. Hard to do when you can not work.

My daughter currently has no income, no CPF savings (CPF, The Central Provident Fund Board, usually known as either CPF Board or simply the Central Provident Fund is a compulsory comprehensive savings and pension plan for working Singaporeans and permanent residents) or enough Medisave to take care of her illness. As for the other family medical expenses, my wife suffers from asthma and me under hypertension, my high blood pressure condition, currently using my medisave. And these programs that are in place are not transferable to family or any one.
My small monthly income is just sufficient to make ends meet but, unable to payoff the balance hospital medical bills for Shin. Under this circumstance, the only alternative is to seek funding from members of the public to help my daughter, with here medical expenses.
From Marie; anyone would be affected with high Blood pressure. (ask me how I know)

If you would like to assist my daughter with her financial burden, any donation would be so greatly appreciated. All the funds raised will go directly to Shin Yuurei to take care of her medical expenses.

Thank You!

Garie's websites

You can contact Garie directly and he will tell you where to send any donation you may have.
Also if you are in Singapore and want to personally help the Sim's family in any way you are very welcome to. Email:
Please contact Garie.
There is not much I can do from here and he can give the place to put anything you may want to give.
"Shin Yuurei has many talents; singing, dancing, playing piano, clay and art, also multiple language skills. Singing for corporate events, charity and teaching children dancing, teaching piano, clay and art lessons for children. She is a dedicated teacher, teaching children and adults since 2002."
Garie's words about his daughter- 2021
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