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Iconic Fabrication - an all day class or can be made in to a two day class with more added techniques, with multiple possibilities.
Making maquettes for molding and making the molds.
4 classes within this main category. Pick one for a full day
Home decor
Modern memorials
Life trophies

1.Disk Earrings- an all day class (can also be made into a two day class easily) with several techniques and new processes shown and done. The earring class can also be experienced as a week long workshop. All of the classes listed can be lengthened and shortened with in reason.
2.Collage "fabric" Sheets of clay
3.Sutton slice- trapped colors, open metallic windows and more.
4.Glitter and additives
5.Multiple color stack cane,manipulations and applications
6.Outline canes and variations multiple versions of this and can be expressed a a small short class or a week long adventure
7.Wire construction and fabrication with clay accents
8.Iron angels wire and clay construction and design
9.Earring design and applications
10.Ear wires on steroids
11.Vessels, wire and clay construction
12.Ornaments and magnets, sculpted and cartoon images
13.Unzipped heart
14.Metallic clay workshops
15.Translucent workshops
These are only a couple of the classes that can be taught, there are so many classes in my tool box. Please drop me a note and let's discuss the many possibilities and time constraints you have to work with. I have taught for so many years and teach just about anything from week long intensive formats to two and four hour classes. I have taught one on one classes to much larger classes, so all formats are possible.