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Marie is a professional artist and has been working with polymer clay for over 36 years. Art started as a focus for her when she was 10.
Her exploration of many mediums has added to her diverse play and experimentation outside the boundaries of any given medium.
As a teacher, Marie revels in the joy of discovery with her students. The learning environment she creates is focused on this discovery process and her student's success. She often says 'because of their fresh eyes we all learn more'.
Helping to develop Premo polymer clay provided Marie with a unique understanding of this medium. Her breadth of knowledge, experience and enthusiasm are freely shared in her classes.
Marie has made multiple appearances on television, and written many articles, as well as authoring a number of books. Her most recent book 'The Polymer Artists Guide: A Directory of Mixes, Colors, Textures, Faux Finishes and Surface Effects' was published late 2013. Her current fascination with writing is manifesting in Polymer Cafe right now!