All images,pieces, and information
copyright Marie Segal  2008-2010
PO Box 460598
Escondido, Ca 92046
Marie has been involved with art since
she was very small. She has been
and playing with clay since 1971.
She has a very extensive art training
background and has taught oven bake
clays for over 25 years all over the U.S.
and overseas.

Marie's fine art, mixed media, painting,
and fashion experience provide her with
an insight for the use of color, while her
jewelry creation and design skills make
her pieces durable and comfortable to
Welcome to my world on line. This is going to be an ever changing project, as my art changes so will the pages.
I make all of the individual pieces and components involved, I then add beads and metal pieces when it applies.
I wire the pieces together and assemble them in to necklaces, earrings, and pendants. I hope to open this page a little to
mixed media, painting, cloth, and paper. My world and experience is expanding and my art is reflective of that.
I will make special orders and ship as soon as I can. Almost all of the pieces you see are one of a kind, but can be similarly
duplicated if you should so wish.  Please come back and see what is going on every once in awhile. I am so glad you
stopped by to visit.
Thank you,